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Elementary School Grades 1-6


At the elementary school level, great emphasis is placed on the basic fundamentals of education. The "A Beka Book" ™, Bob Jones Press, and Saxon math curriculum is used. This begins with bible study in each grade every day. A strong phonics program begins at the first grade level. A mathematics program using traditional methods provides the student with an excellent mathematical base. Penmanship is still considered important. Homework, report cards, concerned teachers, and informed parents are the rule and not the exception.


High standards and effective discipline are hallmarks of our elementary program. It is our desire to train students to be diligent and use their abilities to the fullest extent and not be content with just getting by.

Students in Grades 4-6 participate in State fine arts competition in Charleston, SC each spring. Competition is held for individuals and groups in Bible, academic testing, speech, art, and music.

Summer school is provided as needed at an additional charge for students earning a D or F in English or Math for the year.

Elementary students are a vital part of our school spirit and are included in high school pep rallies, play in our pep band at home games, attend high school soccer and basketball games, participate in spirit days, and compete in our annual Field Day activities.

We offer the parents a choice of a proven educational program designed for the average student but producing above-average results, all in a warm Christian atmosphere.

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